Saturday, January 9, 2010

Inside scoop on "7 Simultaneous Lecturers" format

Jim Walker of Big Car sends this overview of the February 24 Big Car event at the Central Library:

The idea is we'll have seven local cultural experts -- artists, leaders, thinkers -- who will simultaneously present short lectures with powerpoint presentations on the topic of art and culture in Indianapolis and its role in the global scheme of things.

These seven lecturers will present their lectures at the same time. They'll stand on the stage, facing the projections (backs to the audience). Each of the lecturers -- who will be wearing headphone monitors so they can hear themselves -- will be assigned a number. People in the audience will have a set of numbers they hold up. Intermittently, the audience will vote on which of the lecturers they'd like to hear over the p.a. system. Then we'll turn the one or ones selected up through the p.a. system. Sometimes one will be amplified at a time, sometimes more than one.

The simultaneous lectures will happen for about 10 minutes as an audio/video performance art piece. Then I'll lead a panel discussion/conversation with the panelists and the audience. We plan to record all of the individual lectures to put out as podcasts.

Sounds like pecha kucha staged as an iron cage death match ... should be fun.


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